Internet Edge Security Solutions

The Internet edge is the network infrastructure that provides connectivity to the Internet, and that acts as the gateway for the enterprise to the rest of the cyber space.

Firewall is a system for network security  that control incoming and outgoing traffic destined to a particular computers system or for a several computer systems , firewall can control traffic based on packet headers segment headers or application layer content.

IPS are network security system that monitor network traffic for malicious activities, main purpose of IPS is
to prevent malicious actions and protect sensitive information.

Web Filter is a software or hardware that work especially on http application layer and can detect different type of attacks and malicious activities through http protocol.

Extensive Logging is a method  to  gather information from all monitored systems for various type of events and detected anomalies, using netflow, syslog and other protocols, all logs are saved to centralized system for further analysis.

Outbound mail filter is a software that checks all outbound emails for spam e-mails, viruses , Trojans and other malicious content in electronic  mails and detect infected hosts inside the organization and then block this e-mails.

Inbound  mail filter is a software that checks all inbound  emails for spam e-mails, viruses , Trojans and other malicious content in electronic mails. Inbound e-mail filtering uses blacklists to block hosts used by spammers to send emails and also checks sfp records for domains that send it.

Application control is a software or hardware system that checks network traffic for particular type of applications that is banned by corporate policy and prevent users from installing this programs.

This is a software and hardware appliances that allow remote worker to have access to internal corporate resources without expose sensitive information to external to organization subjects.