Desktop Endpoint Security Solutions

Desktop computers are main instrument in every network. They provide set of applications which operate almost all business models and processes. Secure operating system and implementation of policies is vital part to prevent penetration of corporate resources.

OS security refers to specified steps or measures used to protect the OS from threats, viruses, worms, malware or remote hacker intrusions. OS security encompasses all preventive-control techniques, which safeguard any computer assets capable of being stolen, edited or deleted if OS security is compromised.

Centralized management is term used in enterprise-wide administration of computer systems. It has a time and effort trade-off that  is related one or more tasks.

Antivirus is software used to prevent, detect and remove malware. However an antivirus software does not guarantee 100% virus detection, so it is only a part of whole secure solution.

Data Leakage/Loss Prevention is a comprehensive data security solution that aims to discover, monitor, protect and manage confidential data wherever it is stored or whenever it is used. The DLP solutions help organizations protect their information against loss and theft, comply with global data privacy laws, and safeguard their reputation.

Wired security consist of policies to prevent unauthorized access to misuse, modification, or denial of the computer network and its network-accessible resources. It is a process of authorization of access to data in a network, which is controlled by the network’s owner.