Data Center Virtualization Solutions

Virtualization is key component in modern datacenters. It provides flexibility to add resources (CPU, RAM, and Storage) on the fly, it saves money for hardware and power and it is simple to manage. Main building blocks are hardware, hypervisors and operating systems running on it.

The security of the entire virtual infrastructure relies on the security of the hypervisor and the virtualization management system that controls it, and allows an operator to start guest OSs, create new guest OS images, and perform other actions. If an attacker controls the hypervisor they can potentially get access to everything within it.

A VM running in a virtualized environment acts almost identically to the OS running on real hardware. All of the security considerations that apply to OSs running on real hardware also apply to VMs, however, there are some additional security considerations for them. If a guest OS is compromised, that guest OS can potentially infect other systems on the same hypervisor or the hypervisor itself.