Single Point of Failure

LAN backbone infrastructure is a very heart of all corporate networks all communications voice, data and video passes through LAN backbone. If this backbone fail final result will be total loss of communications and disruption for day to day activities in corporation, this is more design issue rather that attack but we identified this as a thread to underline his importance.

SPOF Identification

Sometime it very hard to identify SPOF because of the design complexity or implementation errors. Successful identification of SPOF involves identifying the critical components of a complex system that would provoke a total network failure. Highly reliable systems should not rely on any such individual component. On figure 1 you can see that all critical systems are attached to only one router if this router fail to forward packet the whole network will stop functioning.



To overcome this problems we can add spare elements to all systems that we identify as critical for our infrastructure, but this will rise complexity of whole system so this should be done carefully and properly tested.