Corporate Endpoint Laptop

A laptop computer defines convenience and mobility. It enables you to work from home, a hotel room, a conference hall, or a coffee shop.

Maybe you have taken steps to secure the data on your laptop: You have installed a firewall. You update your antivirus software. You protect your information with a strong password. You encrypt your data, and you’re too smart to fall for those emails that ask for your personal information. But what about the laptop itself? A minor distraction is all it takes for your laptop to vanish. If it does, you may lose more than an expensive piece of hardware. The fact is, if your data protections aren’t up to par, that sensitive and valuable information in your laptop may be a magnet for an identity thief.

Corporate laptops are often the biggest data security threat for a company. Laptops contain highly sensitive information, but are extremely vulnerable to theft or loss. Still, a very high percentage of companies do not have security policies specifically relating to laptops.

To protect company laptops we need to use many mitigation techniques, which are collection of steps that we apply to company desktops and mobile devices.