Managed Security Services

Managed Services is a buzzword these days. It is fashionable and everybody uses it and in our opinion not in the right meaning every time. We also believe that this leads to a general misunderstanding of the term and service that stands behind it. Based on our experience the mostly abused description of managed services is outsourcing or outsourcing with monitoring. Never mind, we will give you our understanding of Managed Services and how we perform those services.

Managed Services has its roots in ITIL and ISO 20 000 respectively. A service is managed (or managed service) when it follows a process based on those two standards/frameworks. Following this standards the definition for Service Management is “a set of specialized organizational capabilities for providing value to customers in the form of services”. Those organizational capabilities include all of the processes, methods, functions, roles and activities that a Service Provider uses to enable them to deliver services to their customers. Service management is concerned with more than just delivering services. Each service, process or infrastructure component has a lifecycle, and service management considers the entire lifecycle from strategy through design and transition to operation and continual improvement.

Let`s take for example the Operation stage. We have procedures for processes like Configuration Management, Event Management, Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management and etc. So when we are managing a service we are following strictly defined procedures that are based on ITIL/ISO 20000 framework and are well known within the organization. It is much more than just monitoring, or troubleshooting, or pre-configuring from time to time.

Managed Services and Telelink

The ability to provide Managed Services requires a lot of investment. For start a management team that will analyze the needs, local specifics and interpret the framework that is laid in ITIL/ISO 20000, in a way that will be appropriate for the local market. Tools for controlling the processes and provide us with records. Tools like Trouble Ticketing System, Customer Management System, and Configuration Management Database. Monitoring system that could handle the event management and many more. So you see, it is a complicated web of procedures, technology and people.

Telelink is ISO 20000 certified. Furthermore we are certified as Cisco Managed Services Provider.  We are constantly improving our Managed Services processes and we are already doing it for 5 years.  We have more than a dozen big customers for which we are delivering managed service.

Telelink is ISO 27001 certified. This is a standard for information security. This shows our engagement in security of our and clients systems.

We have a 24/7 coverage in the whole country and therefore we are able to provide wide range of SLAs.

Managed Services in terms of security

Maybe if someone is questioning the purpose of Managed Services, because it is very complicated and follows a lot of procedures and etc., we would ask him/her to analyze it from a security perspective. Don’t you want to have a strict procedure who can add an access list on your router? Don’t you want to have a strict procedure stating who should approve adding an access list? Don’t you want to have someone tracking the current configuration with what is officially approved? Our point is that when it comes to security, procedures are must and managed services is like a panacea (universal remedy). The next question that you may ask is “Can’t I do it on my own?”. Of course you can! The real question should be, “What will cost me to implement ITIL based process for my security and isn’t it better to “outsource” this to an experienced external organization?. Organization that could start doing it from tomorrow and will do it for much less money that it will cost me to build it from scratch”.

Standard Managed Services

We are offering the following managed services as standard ones:

  • Managed Firewall
  • Managed VPN (WAN)
  • Managed Corporate LAN
  • Managed Wireless
  • Managed IP Telephony

We are offering managed services on a project by project base as well.