Fixed Access Cisco Ecosystem

cisco-logo500x300Cisco Systems are one of the major vendors on the market of fixed access switches with their Catalyst series switches. Cisco Systems Catalyst LAN Enterprise switches are indicated as market leaders for the past few years according to technology research companies. Catalyst switches support a wide range of deployments, including enterprise campus, branch offices, midsize organizations, and small and medium-sized businesses (SMB), and offer highly secure access, operational simplicity, energy efficiency, and enhanced connected user experience. Cisco Catalyst switches utilize ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) to use hardware-based processing of traffic for faster and more efficient packet forwarding.

Cisco Catalyst Products and Solutions Comparison

Cisco Catalyst Switches Product Line

The new 3850 Catalyst access switches are built on Unified Access Data Plane (UADP) ASICs that has all wired and wireless services integrated into the chip and thus requires no additional modules. The ASIC is programmable and is flexible to support future requirements. It also delivers services with flexibility and visibility across wired and wireless networks. When you terminate the wireless users on the Cisco Catalyst 3850, you can also get visibility to users who are getting onto the network at the access layer, similar to wired users. This change also moves the policy point to the access layer, and therefore it gets consistent with the wired endpoint.

Cisco 3850 Unified Wired and Wireless Switches

Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) is a next-generation identity and access control policy platform that enables enterprises to enforce compliance, enhance infrastructure security, and streamline their service operations. The unique architecture of Cisco ISE allows enterprises to gather real-time contextual information from networks, users, and devices. The administrator can then use that information to make proactive governance decisions by tying identity to various network elements including access switches, wireless LAN controllers (WLCs), virtual private network (VPN) gateways, and data center switches.

Cisco Identity Services Engine