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The data center is a critical portion of the Enterprise network. The data center network design must address the high availability requirements of any device or link failure. It is also an area where more intelligence is required from the network, to perform services such as firewall and the load balancing of servers and the applications they host.

Resource virtualization is central to the Cisco Data Center Business Advantage architectural framework. It helps you reduce costs in three ways:

  • Increases asset utilization
  • Improves business resilience
  • Enhances responsiveness to business needs

These next-generation virtualized data centers need a network infrastructure that delivers the full potential of technologies such as server virtualization and unified fabric. In addition, they support shifts to broader architectures such as the Cisco Unified Computing System and cloud computing.

The Cisco Data Center Switching Portfolio can help you meet those demands:

  • Design flexibility: Modular, rack, and integrated switches are optimized for Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet.
  • Industry-leading switching: Layer 2 and 3 functions help build stable, highly secure, scalable data centers.
  • Investment protection: The adaptability of the Cisco Nexus and Cisco Catalyst families simplifies upgrades.
  • Operational consistency: A consistent interface and tools simplify management, operations, and trouble resolution.
  • Virtualization: Support virtual machine mobility, management, and operations.


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